Taskbar - Windows 8 Style


The Windows taskbar on your Android device



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Taskbar - Windows 8 Style is just that, an app that takes the classic Windows taskbar and puts it nicely onto your Android device.

To use the app you simply have to run it once, and from that moment on you’ll have a start button located exactly where you'd expect to see it: on the lower left side of your screen. When your press it, the taskbar will come up and display all the applications and most important direct accesses on your device.

Users can easily reorganize the order and look of the different apps on the taskbar, as well as play around with different options to make it more or less visible. Plus, you can deactivate it at any time form within the app's options.

Taskbar - Windows 8 Style is a very interesting add-on for Android devices that is especially useful for tablets. If you are used to using Windows, don’t think twice and give it a try.
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